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Designs by Jolie
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Featured Products

Please check in often for updates and items.

1966 Inspired "Sexy Cat" Costume
This is it! The "holy grail" of the costumes I offer. As you can see it is designed to closely resemble the costume Julie Newmar wore in the 1960's era Batman television show. Here is what you get:

1. Catsuit, in sizes XS, S, M, or L
2. Gloves with nails: one size, in luxurious satiny spandex
3. Replica gold necklace
4. Gold glitter sequin belt
5. Harlequin style mask
6. Cat ears

Free shipping and handling!


Retro classic long sleeved leotard
Simple and sweet, and available in a rainbow of fabric colors and styles, the basic Joliecat leotard is a fun addition to your wardrobe. Available in sizes XS, S, M, and L. Scoop neck with full seat coverage. "Blue Halo" is pictured.
$29.95 Free shipping and handling


This is the standard catsuit, the unmodified version of the base for a Catwoman costume. It is a versatile and sexy scoop neck unitard (dips slightly lower in the back). Available in a wide variety of colors and fabric styles. Newborn pink mystique is pictured.
$44.05 Free shipping and handling

Designs by Jolie, Riverside, California USA